Blankito color

Blankito color is an animated painting of my cat. I have two cats, Blankito is White and Negri is Black. This is Blankito painted and animated in multiply colors.   El color del ankito es una pintura animada de mi … Continued

Demadera Arte y Espiritu

Photographic series held on Saturday, July 30, 2016 in the DEMADERA Arte y Espiritu workshop, in the framework of the marimba workshop for the monitors of the Petronio Alvarez Festival in the city of Cali. A thank you to Fernando … Continued


RGB is a photographic series that puts in place different chromatic harmonies obtained through the combination of the primary colors of the light system: red, green and blue. The combination of the luminous spectra generates secondary nuances in the zones … Continued

Laboratoire Pierre Fabre.

Felipe Vargas worked for the Pierre Fabre Laboratory as an audiovisual technician. His mission consisted of taking photographs and videos of the 2012 collection. Felipe Vargas trabajó para el Laboratorio Pierre Fabre como técnico audiovisual. Su misión consistió a realizar … Continued